Silly Old Bear


When I find myself unemployed I usually indulge in a period of reflection on what I learned and then I speculate on where I want to go next and try to devise a plan on how to get there. And then I want to go to Disneyland.

Both of my trips to Disney (California and Florida) came at the end of contracts that involved a lot of hard work and it seemed like an appropriate reward for the efforts - but really it was a way to try to make up to my kids for the time I had to spend away from them while doing the jobs in the first place.  A Disney park is the perfect place to bond with family and get to know each other again.

This most recent period of unemployment will not (likely not anyways) include a trip to see Pooh Bear. My kids have already laid claim to most of my spare time in August and are excited to have me home. That’s better than a  trip to Disney any day!

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