May Their Brave Spirits Soar


Fallen Four Memorial in Mayerthorpe

March 3rd 2005 saw events unfold in a small town called Mayerthorpe that changed the lives of four men. The impact of this event rippled through the community, the province and even the nation. Four RCMP Officers - Cst Brock Myrol, Cst Anthony Gordon, Cst Leo Johnston and Cst Peter Schiemann - were gunned down in cold blood - an unprecedented tragedy mourned across North America. 

In 2008 the Fallen Four Memorial Park was completed. Four bronze statues, each representing one of the slain officers, were scuplted by artist Don Begg. Each statue stands on guard at the four compass points, and at their centre stands an obelisk pointing skyward and topped with an “uprush of doves” that represent those whose spirits now soar free - police officers, soldiers and other peace officers killed in the line of duty. The plaque on the obelisk reads:

Honouring ALL peace officers who
have died in the line of duty.
May their brave spirits soar.
We give thanks for them, and all
who still protect and serve.

You can see more of my pictures from Mayerthorpe HERE.


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