I'm a Book Worm!


Legend has it I was reading well before Kindergarten began… and when I was in Kindergarten the teacher put me through Grade 1 and then I did Grade 2 the next year. I don’t think I was neccessarily smarter than other kids (I think all kids can learn to read early if you teach them) but the basis for this I believe lies in my love of books.

From an early age I discovered worlds of knowledge with the covers of my books. I couldn’t stop reading. I read everything. I was even over joyed to get a bible for Christmas when I was 7 years old. In addition to enjoying what was inside a book, I loved the book itself. I love the way books look on my shelf and I love the way they feel in my hands. I love sitting in a coffee shop in a comfy chair reading the morning away or sitting in the sunshine on the grass. And even if it takes me forever to get to them I always have a stack of books beside my bed waiting to be read.

One day I’d love to have a room dedicated just to books. A library with a couple of big comfy reading chairs, some soft lighting and a small table for some hot beverage. Until then I will continue to admire libraries as I find them. This picture is of one of my favourites - the Parliament Library on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. It’s amazing - with over 600,000 items - it’s a beautiful room.

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