Let's Go Downtown...


The City of Edmonton and I have an infamous rocky relationship. When I first moved here I thought it was only for three years and that lead to subsequent years of denial where I refused to put down roots because, well,  I was leaving soon. Seven years later I am finally able admit that yes, I do indeed live here and Edmonton is home. I have even started to identify myself as an “Edmontonian.” Doesn’t mean that I neccessarily like it though, especially in the winter months. I don’t always think that Edmonton is the most beautiful city ever but sometimes, when I turn my head a certain way, I see parts of it that are fabulous and worthy of capturing both in memory and in the digital world.This picture is of the Scotia Bank Towers downtown on Jasper Avenue, with the late afternoon sun behind them.

I do love taking my camera out with me and chronicalling the city as I see it. I have a collection of Edmonton photo’s on my flickr page. You can see those pictures HERE.

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