Looks Like Morning in Your Eyes


A summer sunrise over the Edmonton Skyline

Duncan wrote in his summer bucket list that one of the things he wanted to do this summer was watch a sunrise. I am always happy to oblige his desires, so, on the early morning of July 11th I roused him from his comfortable slumber and dragged him out the door at the unholy hour of 5:00am. We drove to Lawrence Decore Lookout , just off of Saskatchewan Drive. It was the perfect location to view sun rising over the city, slowly changing the colours in the sky from dark to orange to blue while illuminating the Edmonton Skyline. 

Ultimately the trip out was worth it as the experience was spectacular, Duncan however remained a tiny bit grumpy so I did what any good wife would do to make up for such an “indiscretion” - I took him for breakfast at Cora’s!   

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