House of the Rising Sun


Pre Sunrise” in Wainwright, Alberta

I was roused from my slumber by my husband, which at first alarmed me since he never wakes up in the middle of the night… he immediatly told me everything was ok but I should look out the hotel room window. I turned my head and allowed my sleepy eyes to focus and the first thing I noticed was the layers of colours - blues and oranges. This is pretty much all it took to rouse me from the warmth of the bed. I grabbed the camera and went over to admire this prairie pre-dawn show. I really loved how the colour extended along the entire horizon and I thought the early morning mist rising from the fields was a nice touch. I stood and watched for a while, taking pictures as the sky became brighter but it only took a quick glance at the time to realize sunrise wasn’t for another hour. I went back to bed instead of waiting!

We had a great time in Wainwright. I took a lot of pictures. You can see them HERE

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