Red Friday

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Last Friday was the “Official” Red Friday here in Edmonton - a day set aside every year to show support for our troops by wearing red. This year I was happy to find this awesome shirt at the CANEX. I wear red on Red Friday not just because I come from a military family, or because I served in the Canadian Forces, or because my son is now a soldier himself… but because I am honestly grateful for the people who commit their lives to the defence and service of our country. They do tasks no one else wants to do, they help clean up when natural disasters strike close to home, they put themselves in harms way to help bring brighter futures to less advantaged populations and they are prepared, god forbid, to defend us and our land if ever the need arises.

A lot of people take this kind of thing for granted. I’m happy that I get to live my life the way i want it because they are wtaching the line and holding down the fort. Thank you troops!

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