In Acceptance, One Accepts


The Personification of Perfect Compassion

This is an old favourite of mine from a trip to Las Vegas in 2007. I found this in the Venetian Casino and Hotel.

I think that this might be the “Thousand Arms Guanyin Bodhisattva” (Qianshou Guanyin) from the Ming Dynasty (the original is found in the Shuanglin Monastery in Pingyao, Shandong). The thousand arms help the feminine Bodhisattva to save all beings from suffering.

It’s a big job though, as everything, basically, causes sufferring. Our sufferring is based in attachment and almost everything we feel, desire and act upon is rooted in some type of attachment (love, craving, greed, hatred, delusion, ego, beliefs, posessions, etc).

Buddhism teaches us that self improvement is the way to end sufferring - working hard to overcome all attachment, find acceptance, compassion and to free the self. This perscription is found in the doctrine of the Eightfold Path

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