Listen Bird Hunting


When I point my finger at the moon, don’t mistake my finger for the moon.”

I’ve been photographing the Listen grafitti in Edmonton since early 2006. I worked on the university at the time and I kept seeing Listen everywhere, without paying any real attention to it. But a seed was planted and the message started clawing at my mind… and when I started dreaming about it I knew that it was time to give in and embrace it - and whatever message it was bringing to me. That started a photographic adventure for me that I called “Listen Bird Hunting.”

Simply, we tend not to actually “listen.” It’s not that we are so busy, afraid or too lazy. It’s complacency - which is worse. Our culture continuosly tells us that it’s going to be okay so we are soothed into a (perhaps) false sense of security that seperates us from any real responsibilty or duty to change something. Anything. What?

I have a Listen Bird set on Flickr, a Listen Bird Group (with pics from all over North America) and even have some pictures up on a long lost blog.Some of my Listen Bird pictures have been published in corporate documents (if only they knew), academic books and even on the front page of the Journal. Listen grabs the attention and imagination of all types of people, even if they never fully understand why.

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