On Growing Up and Stepping Out

IMG_7204a.jpgRaven’s new shoes - grade nine graduation

At Raven’s grade nine graduation ceremony I was struck by her and her friends all dressed up like grown ups, most wearing high heels for the first time (some too high as they carefully wobbled across the stage to receive their grade nine IB Diploma) but all of them confident, happy and full of promise for the future.

It makes me quite happy to celebrate this milestone with Raven and see her so happy and successful. I almost feel like this is a milestone for me too, another checkmark in the win column towards my kids growing up. I don’t know if there is ever a day that you think, as a parent, that you are “done” but certainly as my children get older, become their own people and achieve the goals they are now setting for themselves I feel more and more successful every day.

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