Who Can Tell Where the Road Goes...


A girls converse will take her anywhere

I recently embarked upon a small adventure, travelling by myself towards the warm spring days of Canada’s west coast. It’s the destination that most often draws my imagination after a long Albertan winter (I grew up there) as in my mind Spring starts, or should start, in March. In Alberta spring won’t blossom until May, and more often than not you must wait into June to be enjoying flowers (at least without the threat of frost or snow).

I flew into Comox to meet my childhood best friend Dawn and together we drove to Nanaimo to catch a ferry to Vancouver. We spent a couple of nights in Vancouver before heading to Victoria for another couple of days and then eventually back up island so that I could fly home from Comox.

This year for me has been about personal growth in all areas. I’ve been learning how to be kinder to myself, how to live healthier, how to be a better friend, wife and mother. It’s not that I’ve been a terrible person recently, but I think it might be fair to say that I’ve allowed certain business to knock me off the path I am most happy on and it’s time I found my way back. So this trip was part of that and allowed me some time to do a lot of thinking. I can’t proclaim to have come home with all of the answers but I can confirm that I do have an idea of what I need to do. Oh yeah and a turtle. I came home with a Red Ear Slider who I named Raphael.


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