My Prima Ballerina


When Raven donned her ballet recital outfit for pictures today I couldn’t resist taking a couple of shots myself. Her recital is in June, at the Citadel Theatre here in Edmonton. I’m really looking forward to seeing her up on the stage during her performance. I love ballet and theatre but it’s something else when you’re watching your own child perform.

This evening we are going to see Raven’s art in the annual Victoria Festival of the Arts at Victoria School. Her art teacher selected 5 peices of Raven’s art to show at the festival and I am excited to see them. It’s Raven’s second art show this year (earlier this year she was selected to participate in the “sights unseen” art show at the Works Gallery Space).

When Raven applied to attend Victoria School of Performing & Visual Arts for Grade 7, in her portfolio when she talked about her experience with dance she wrote that when she dances she becomes art. I can attest to how profoundly moving the truth in that statement is. Actually, to me, Raven herself is art.

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