Mmmm I Love Turtles!

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My turtle Raphael came into my life a tad bit unexpectedly and even perhaps a little bit inconveniently… but I am glad that our paths crossed. When I was in Victoria this past April we needed a place to park by the Bay Street Armoury and the only place available was for customers only. So we ducked into a store to justify the parking…  and the store just happened to be a pet store. 

I found Raphael as I was browsing the tanks. His price was ridiculously marked down and curiousity got the better of me and I asked why. I was told that his previous owner had abused and neglected him and his shell had softened and was deformed. Apparently no one wanted him because of that. Then they said something like “we don’t think we will ever be able to find a home for him.” Well, we all know that’s code for “I’m Allie’s next pet” (all my pets are rescue animals) so ofcourse I adopted him.

I don’t usually make these kinds of decisions in this manner (without thinking much of the consequences) but I had fallen for the little guy and was determined to bring him home with me (which turned out to be harder than you might imagine). I know that his shell is supposed to be smooth and that his is all pointy (they call it pyramiding) but I think he is fabulous and now he is in perfect health. He has a great personality and I am looking forward to getting to know him even better over the years.      

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