Taking A Leap...


When the frog jumps into your life it may indicate now is a time to find opportunities in transition.

The symbolism of transition attributted to frog must come from its unique growth cycle in which frog undergoes several incredible transformations to reach adulthood and our fascination with that process.

Frogs are found all over the world in many shapes and sizes and they have long held our imagination. The Celts believed frog had curative powers because of its connection with water. Europeans viewed the frog’s three stages of development (egg, tadpole, amphibian) as symbolism of the resurrection and the holy trinity. In China, Feng Shui practices recommend putting an image of a Frog in the east window of your home, for good luck and a happy life. In ancient Asian burials it was custom to place a jade frog in the mouth of the deceased to insure a safe journey into the spirit world. In Japane travelers carry a small frog amulet with them to ensure a safe return home. Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology surrounding the frog is all about fertility and new life - the birthing of something new.

In native teachings, Frog medicine teaches of new life and harmony in that life. Frog helps you to find peace in the joy of taking the time to give yourself peace. A part of this is to get rid of any person, place or thing that does not contribute to your new state of serenity and replenishment. Frog medicine brings cleansing.

For me, frogs have always been a kind of kin creature - I am a water baby (born under the sign of Pisces, born beside the ocean, at peace anywhere near the water) -  and their dual time spent both on land and in water represents the duality I see (and sometimes struggle with) in my life. I am always going in two different directions (hence my fish swimming in two opposite directions) and there are always two clearly distinct choices I am attracted too for everything. It is when I do not honour those choices by at least carefully considering each ones validity, that I land up in the problem areas of life.

Frogs leap into my hand (and life) is a continuing message for me this year. 2010 really has been about the lessons of transformation, opportunity, risk and transition.

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