The Sun Salutation


Raven greeting the morning in Wainwright, Alberta



House of the Rising Sun


Pre Sunrise” in Wainwright, Alberta

I was roused from my slumber by my husband, which at first alarmed me since he never wakes up in the middle of the night… he immediatly told me everything was ok but I should look out the hotel room window. I turned my head and allowed my sleepy eyes to focus and the first thing I noticed was the layers of colours - blues and oranges. This is pretty much all it took to rouse me from the warmth of the bed. I grabbed the camera and went over to admire this prairie pre-dawn show. I really loved how the colour extended along the entire horizon and I thought the early morning mist rising from the fields was a nice touch. I stood and watched for a while, taking pictures as the sky became brighter but it only took a quick glance at the time to realize sunrise wasn’t for another hour. I went back to bed instead of waiting!

We had a great time in Wainwright. I took a lot of pictures. You can see them HERE

Alberta's Vanishing Sentinels

 IMG_8486 - Copy.JPG

I love to photograph Alberta’s Grain Elevators whenever I come across them. Grain Elevators are buildings used for the storage and shipment of grain. According to the wiki page, they were invented in 1842 in New York by a merchant named Joseph Dart and the engineer Robert Dunbar. Most of the old Grain Elevators have been torn down now (there was a huge cull in the early 1990’s). I think it’s a shame to be honest, not only are they apart of Alberta’s rural history they are a prairie icon. 

See my other Grain Elevator pictures HERE.

Looks Like Morning in Your Eyes


A summer sunrise over the Edmonton Skyline

Duncan wrote in his summer bucket list that one of the things he wanted to do this summer was watch a sunrise. I am always happy to oblige his desires, so, on the early morning of July 11th I roused him from his comfortable slumber and dragged him out the door at the unholy hour of 5:00am. We drove to Lawrence Decore Lookout , just off of Saskatchewan Drive. It was the perfect location to view sun rising over the city, slowly changing the colours in the sky from dark to orange to blue while illuminating the Edmonton Skyline. 

Ultimately the trip out was worth it as the experience was spectacular, Duncan however remained a tiny bit grumpy so I did what any good wife would do to make up for such an “indiscretion” - I took him for breakfast at Cora’s!   

The Hotel Mac


The Fairmont Hotel MacDonald was built in Edmonton between 1912 and 1915. Designed (in the chateau style characteristic of Canada’s railway hotels) by the architectural firm Ross and MacDonald, it is considered one of Canada’s landmark hotels. It is named after Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald. Duncan and I had the pleasure of spending a weekend here once before we moved to Edmonton (highly recommend fir anyone looking for a treat) and I have loved it ever since. I’ve been driving by it lately from this angle and keep thinking I need to pull over and take a picture so I finally did.  

Servitum on the Prairies


This is actually not a picture of Wainwright, Alberta*

I am hoping this upcoming weekend will see us heading to the happening township of Wainwright, Alberta. You might wonder what could possibly make me look forward to a trip like this - this is where my son is currently doing his Infantry training (CFB Wainwright) and this weekend is his 17th birthday which I don’t want to miss if I can help it. When I spoke to him last weekend he said he does have Saturday off but I am still waiting to hear if he can get a leave pass for that day (fingers crossed).

I have grown to love summer on the prairies, there is a certain beauty in the rolling hills and fields and fields of different colours. It’s like a brief, intense burst of life before everything retreats again into dormancy to survive yet another winter. I’m looking forward to photographing whatever I find along the way. 

I have been to Wainwright once before, when I was a young soldier just 17 years old. I had never been outside of the west coast before that time and certainly not anywhere that had an actual horizon (where I lived mountains framed my horizons). Our unit left that summer from the airport in Victoria, BC, in a CF 130 Herc to land on the base in Wainwright. I wasn’t really prepared for my first view as we climbed out of that plane - wide open bald prairie, flat and brown, for as far as the eye could see. I thought to myself we’d been dropped on the moon. A bit of a shock for an Island girl, but strangely that place quickly grew on me with it’s dry heat, roaming buffalo and millions of gophers. I wonder if it will be happy to see me again?  

* This picture is from a field in Cochrane, Alberta, taken in the late summer of 2007. It is called Baleful. I will be endeavour to take some of my own pictures of wainwright on this upcoming trip.

By Popular Request


The High Level Bridge spans Edmonton’ s River Valley

This one is special for Alyssa. Because she knows what she likes and she deserves to have what she likes.

Viva Las Vegas


Sun rising over the Las Vegas Strip…

The Eye of the Tiger

eyetiger.jpgUp Close and Personal…

This is Sabrina, a cat that lived with friends of ours. Sabby had a good long life and always enjoyed herself no matter where that life took her (and it did indeed take her places). I took this picture of her just before she began her decline. I love the green of her eyes. 

Let's Go Downtown...


The City of Edmonton and I have an infamous rocky relationship. When I first moved here I thought it was only for three years and that lead to subsequent years of denial where I refused to put down roots because, well,  I was leaving soon. Seven years later I am finally able admit that yes, I do indeed live here and Edmonton is home. I have even started to identify myself as an “Edmontonian.” Doesn’t mean that I neccessarily like it though, especially in the winter months. I don’t always think that Edmonton is the most beautiful city ever but sometimes, when I turn my head a certain way, I see parts of it that are fabulous and worthy of capturing both in memory and in the digital world.This picture is of the Scotia Bank Towers downtown on Jasper Avenue, with the late afternoon sun behind them.

I do love taking my camera out with me and chronicalling the city as I see it. I have a collection of Edmonton photo’s on my flickr page. You can see those pictures HERE.