Blue Sky Destiny

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I often look up to watch the planes as they fly over, wondering where all those people are going - and what their purpose is once they get there. Business, vacation, dreams coming true, being re-united with loved ones or long lost best friends. Most of the time it doesn’t matter to me why, or where they’re going, I’d just like to go along as well.

Red on White

Check out these photos!

Always amazed how a splash of colour within the depths of a bleak winter can raise your spirits!


Check out these photos!

The winter of 2010-2011 in Edmonton Alberta saw, what felt like, a continued barrage of snow storms that blanketed us with so much of the white stuff we had to literally dig ourselves out of it. Fondly (or not so fondly) we dubbed this phenonemnon “Snowpocalypse” and did what we could - took pictures.

A Christmas Centerpiece


We visited Maisie’s Magical Christmas House on Christmas Eve to show my Mom the lights. The house is amazing - there are lights, music and moving displays in the windows. Fabulous place. Amongst all of the hustle and bustle Raven found these lights and asked me to take a picture for her.

Full Moon Rising


I’ve always wanted to catch a photo of the moon when it rises like a huge orange dinner plate in the sky; I’ve just never had a camera at the exact moment it happens. This time I was lucky - but I had to jump out on the side of the freeway and perch myself precariously in a snow bank with cars whizzing by me to take this shot so I won’t apologize for it’s imperfections. I do wosh it was better but I’m just happy to have caught it (these moments are fleeting).

Canadian Pacific Holiday Train


I’ve always wanted to see the CP Holiday Train but have missed every opportunity I’ve had up until this year when I finally caught up to it in Edmonton, Alberta.

Trimming the Tree!


Decorating the Christmas Tree is one of my favourite Christmas rituals.

Happy Channukah!


Seasons Greetings from Edmonton!

albertaleg2010.jpgChristmas Light Up the Alberta Legislature Grounds in Edmonton, Alberta.

Sunday Sunrise

 sunrise_dec5.jpgI love the colours in the sunrise this morning. We don’t often have spectacular sunrises in our winter months - this particular one heralded some warmer weather then what was expected.