I See the Moon


Calgary at Night


The Bow Skyscraper

skyline-fj.JPG There is a serious addition to the Calgary Skyline… The Bow Skyscraper is nearing completion. When it is finished it will be the tallest Canadian building west of Toronto.

Get Off Our Lawn!

Alomsigns.jpgAlong with 200 - 300 other Edmontonians we took our signs down to the Transalta Art Barns Saturday evening, where the US hate group, the Westboro Baptist Church, had announced their intentions to picket the Laramie Project. They never showed (they also missed another announced protest the same weekend) so maybe they were stopped at the border or maybe they just don’t have it in them anymore. These were the signs we wanted to stand in front of their ridiculous signs with. You can see more signs HERE!

We Remember


For the liberties of Canada, the Empire and of Humanity

The Peace Tower, Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario

The tower will be a memorial to the debt of our forefathers and to the valour of those Canadians who, in the Great War, fought for the liberties of Canada, of the Empire and of humanity.

Remember the 5th of November...


Sunrise, Edmonton, Alberta - Nov 5 2010.

Day is done... Gone the Sun...


 Sundown, 6:00pm November 2 2010, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Morning Glory

IMG_2976.JPGThis was the sunrise in Edmonton on November 1st 2010. The red skies come from the warm weather we’ve been having as more sediment and dust is in the heated atmosphere. We don’t usually have red skies this far into the year.

Late Bloomers?


I’ve been somewhat astonished through out this month of October at the way the weather has allowed the flowers to keep blooming (and the beesa are still out)! It’s odd, I don’t ever recall in my time in Alberta flowers still blooming like this in late October (this was taken on the 22nd). We’ve had warmer weather into October this past couple of years, but the flowers haven’t lasted past the end of September.

The weather is tricking everything - not just the trees and flowers. Last week some ducks in Northern Alberta were caught flying in a ice rain storm and were forced to the ground (some into tailings ponds sadly). But the real question is why are there still ducks in Northern Alberta? They should have flown south long ago.