Happy Halloween!


Raven dressed up this year as a Vampiress - I love this costume, it looks so great on her! She went to a Halloween party this year and trick or treated with her friends…  but I think this might be the last year she goes door to door just for herself. I’m glad she enjoyed it!

Foggy Commute


I’ve been enjoying my drive to work lately and mornings like this just add to that simple enjoyment. Fog can add some element of challenge to the drive but it also adds beauty. I was lucky enough to have brought my camera along on this morning and did get a couple of nice shots of my foggy commute.



Three lonley shopping carts abandoned in the parking lot at West Edmonton Mall. I usulally drive through her on my morning commute after dropping the family off for their respective buses. This particular day there was fog every where, which made the surroundings look somewhat eerie.

Remnants of the Passing Season


I saw this little group of random items on the sidewalk and to me they looked like little trinkets, collected there to remind me of the end of summer and the passing of fall into winter. Everything here in this picture is dead - but together they still have an impact and deliver a message… hang on to the memories of beauty you have. Nothing can take that away from you.

Staying Centered...

 IMG_2838 - Copy.JPG

This is the survey point for the exact centre of Edmonton, Alberta. It’s on the Legislature Grounds. If I ever need to feel centered I am coming here and standing on this spot!

Hand Fetish


Snapped this little man checking out the hand prints on the wall at the iNews880 Radio Station. We were there for a BBQ Tweetup that was the culmination of a VERY busy social media week - one that included the Yeg Girl Geek Mixer, Beyond 2010, the Hackathon (OMG SO TIRED!) and the Empire Avenue Boardroom (plus an unofficial mini tweetup for breakfast on Saturday morning).   

Tiny Fall Moments for Thought


The creator does not make anything exactly the same as another. Each and every being has something to offer, something to teach, something to celebrate. Fall is the season where I think about coming together - as a family unit or a community - it’s like the colours are there both to remind me that winter is coming and as a way of making up for the dreams of summer coming to an end. I really do live in each season, day by day. I’ve always had problems thinking ahead into the future in regards to a plan for my life. I don’t want that, to me it seems like a trap and I don’t want to get caught in it. How can I ever know for sure that what I want in five years would be the same as what I think that I would want now? I am far happier living in the moment and noticing each day as I walk my path, trusting the seasons as they come and go. AMR.

The Fall Abides...


Most of the fall colours are gone now from Edmonton as the leaves have fallen off the trees. I found this scene by a friends house - I loved the colours and also the dried berries. They’ll stay like that all winter (the berries) like little objects frozen in time.

End of the Line


Surprisingly, here we are in mid October in central-northern Alberta, and we still have flowers. Not only do we still have flowers, there are bees and butterflies hanging around them. It’s… odd. I feel seasonally confused but I don’t want to complain because our spring sucked and the summer only had a few good stretches so we deserve a good fall. But I can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong, or just plain messed up.

Puppy Love


Puppies make everything better.